Coyote Hunting Tip


Coyote Hunting Tip #1

When hunting Coyote, try a .22 caliber rifle with a scope. Coyotes are skittish around humans and it will be difficult for you to get close, so using a scope for accuracy is a good idea.

As you choose your ambush spot, look for an area where you can hide among the bushes. Try to pick a spot that's downwind so that the coyote's excellent sense of smell won't give you away. In addition, be very quiet as you settle in; you wouldn't want the coyotes in the area to hear you and run away.

Finally, use a coyote call. You can easily purchase a device that makes the same sound as a dying rabbit. Don't make the call too loud, though; rabbits are small animals and don't cry loudly.

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Farmland Coyote Hunting Includes:

bulletSleeping accommodations
bulletHot showers
bullet3 home cooked meals a day
bulletServices of licensed N.Y.S. Guide
bulletTrophy and game care included

3 Day Bow or Gun Hunt (3 day minimum, additional days are $200 per hunter): $650


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